Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still breathing

Alive and well :)

I've taken the summer off to be present in the moment.
Here I am, refreshed and hopeful for a new year.

I understand this one is not yet over, but oh what a horrid year and I'm ready to proclaim it's end.

All is well on the home front.

I'm letting go of many material possessions and I've come to understand my own way of thinking.

It has been a rough year with change, loss, pain, yet also one of healing, growth, and understanding.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm been fighting a losing battle with an image. I've been trying all of these years to "find" myself. Who am I aside from mom?

I must say it was very much a classic "lightbulb" moment when I realized that I needn't be anything other than who I am.
This very moment... I'm mom. I'm pretty good at it too.

Now bring on the rain!!!!