Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeing green

Isn't it funny when you figure out at 35 that you have just become a grown up?
I'm loving the older more understanding and accepting me and my family and the saturation of the colors outside and thoughts that are all new to me.
I didn't know that you never stop being amazed by what you thought you always knew, but learn more about as you get older......and when it hits that you are still I making sense? Probably not, but I am so thrilled to be alive and at this stage in my life.

We have been spending all our time outside. I'm seeing green......and pink
(those bubblegum dogwoods take my breath away), and white, and purple, and blue, and yellow and orange.......

Oatstraw infusion. I don't like it so much. I do drink my nettles 24-7


  1. So waddaya think, are your children just especially beautiful, or are you are really good photographer? Little of both?

  2. Beautiful pics of life & your kiddos Amy!