Friday, May 15, 2009

Mermaid pants and the garden gate

Hello. I've missed you blogger world.
It seems as if I have no time these days for anything, lol.
Perhaps it is more that I have so much to do that my head spins and I end up going in circles getting nothing done. :) SO it seems to me anyway.

We've been building fence and finally finished. YES!!
Now I'm working on two gates. I must get them finished so I can plant.
The chickens will kill everything if I have no gate. They are really trying to take over. Yesterday my daughter was standing outside eating a big chunk of fresh bread and a little red hen sneaks up behind her and snatches the bread.... running away cackling an evil cackle. Ok, well I made up that last part, but really...they are stealing from the mouths of babes here. No joke. Naughty chickens.
And yes they have a lovely diet of greens, grains,'s free range here. Five acres of chicken heaven. This weekend I'm building two chicken tractors. It's time for the chickens to learn the boundaries. Oh ...and I would like to step outside and not step in chicken poo. It's not quite the same as sand squishing between your toes.

Yesterday it rained and I was frustrated. My sewing room has been completely taken over by seedlings. Really. It's dirty and I mean there is real dirt on the wood floors. I've been trasplanting :) I don't mind dirt, I do clean it up eventually.
Anyway yesterday it rained and I decided I didn't care about the dirty overcrowded sewing room. I had to sew. Thought I would surprise my girlie girl with somehting special. She is my special sweetie, always listening intently, thinking of others before herself, following me around asking to help.....
She loves the heather ross fabrics.....and she loves I made these

I simply traced a favorite pair of wide leg gauchos and made them with a flat front waist. I made a tutorial as I went along and I need to load it up.
The trim is a lace with wooden beads that was gifted to me. Love it.

Next I will be making the yoga pants and skirt as promised. I drafted my own wrap top and got a little behind on what I had planned.

Yet first I need to make those garden gates.
Something pretty is what I'm hoping for, pretty yet rustic and frugal.
My potatoes are the only thing in the garden.
Everything else is sitting outside in a chicken safe zone, unless it's sitting in the crowded sewing room, or my windowsill, or the living room......

here are some pics for fun

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