Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Sewing

Between planting veggies and building fence...I have been sewing.

My girlie girl really needs clothes for summer.
This is becoming my go to pattern.
I simply traced her fave pants, then cut that tracing out.
I placed it on the fold of the fabric she chose and cut out two. I make the rear with a little more fabric.

Sew up the curves at the top. Then separate and sew up the legs.
Fold over an inch or two for the waist and insert elastic. (measure your little one and mark elastic)

This girlie likes flat front waist. I measure her waist and make my elastic about one third that number(8 inches for my girl who is size 8). Then I sew it to the unfolded waistband one end on each side of the waist.

Then I sew the waist down and it's done.

This is terrible instruction, but I haven't found time yet to put it into word for a tutorial.

I know sewing pants is about the most simple thing in the world but there was a time when I didn't know how, lol....and I wish I had.
I can makes pants for myself in this same way. I love linen and hemp weekend pants.
Throw on a drawstring and I'll live in them.

The other morning I went out to water the garden and there were flies everywhere. I'm hoping they are just regular old annoying flies.......we will see.
Something has been eating my bok choy. I'm going to spray it with some insecticidal soap. Crossing my fingers.
So far I've not seem many slugs. There are however lots of caterpillars. The kiddos are delighted.

Tomorrow I'm planting out my tomatoes. I've been too overprotective. It's time to boot them out.

Here are some recent pics to share.

I think my next post needs to be about my love of fabric.

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  1. double yolk...somehow those always give me a thrill and make my day feel extra special. I also live on the edge of the woods in 5 acres but it's my dh who has the irrational cougar fear. I worry more about the eagles snatching our cairn terrier.