Saturday, June 20, 2009


Did you ever have one of those days.....

I have so much to do that I have no idea where to start.
I tried to stay in bed today. Thought I'd just wait it out until tomorrow, lol.
The idea was quickly thrown out the window by my kids.

I enjoyed all of your comments so very much. Many of you brought tears to my eyes and I could often envision you back in that very moment.
How I miss my youth, yet not ;)

My hubby advised me to leave the contest open until tomorrow.
I will announce the winner monday morning. Mondays need some happiness.

Have a wonderful Fathers day.

I didn't have a dad, but I had a grandpa and he was my sunshine.
Oh how I miss him. Use to let me eat the carrots right out of the garden he did, yep.
If I ran into him in town he would pull his pockets inside out and dump all his change into my little hands, oh and sometimes he had rollos, mmmmmm.....chocolate.
We were camping and fishing partners. He showed his love for me in every little thing he did. I wasn't able to spend as much time with him as I would have liked.
I was kept pretty isolated, but I won't bore you with that nonsense.
My mom raised me the best she knew how for a young girl who's mother had just been killed. She loves me in her own special way and I respect her for that.

My grandpa passed away in 2001. I've missed him every day since.
Who's going to make my cherry chip birthday cakes and teach me about gardening, making salsa and smoking jerky?
I miss you Grandpa.
If you were here I'd sit on the arm of your easy chair like always and listen to your voice crack as you spoke with those tears in your eyes. So very sentimental. I think I got that from you.
Happy Father Day.

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  1. Awww, Amy. You have me bawling over here. I'm glad you have such sweet memories of your grandpa. He sounds...well...perfect. Hope today has been full of love and happiness for you, the kiddoes and hubby. :)