Sunday, June 7, 2009


Where have I been?
My internet was down. A whole week. But thankfully I still have my hair, not for lack of trying to pull it all out.

It has been a rough few months.
In january I nealry lost my daughter, my son has an anxiety issue concerning a cancer relapse, my youngest has been an absolute terror, learning from the older kids, my middle child having her meltdowns, struggling with emotional hurts, my youngest daughter feeling invisible, myself thinking perhaps I'm on the verge of a true nervous breakdown......yet NOT.

Yet we carry on and welcome each and every day with a smile and hope for the future.

Yesterday my hubby and I decided to buy our kiddos a trampoline.
I never had one as a child and we've never owned one as parents.
We have many friends with them and the kids adore them, jumping for hours, learning tricks etc... coming home exhausted, melting into bed.... content.

As we were leaving the store and loading the trampoline into our truck a woman walked nearby with her children.
I was shocked and appalled by the way she spoke.
To sum it up she told her children this
" let me tell you kids that I will never buy you one of those awful things. They are very dangerous, little boys and girls always get hurt and break their bones, responsible moms and dads would never buy something for their kid that would intentionally hurt them...........blah blah blah.........

This was not all I overheard, yet to each her own I guess. That is her opinion.
I do not believe for one second it is the fault of the trampoline that inflicts pain and cuases accidents. I am not one of those people that is buying this for my kids as a babysitter.
My children will be supervised and there are a few rules for safety and it has an enclosure. I will allow my children to form and express opinions of their own.
No room for ignorance in my life. I do not try to mold my children into whom I think they should be...I merely try to set a good example and teach them what I know. They are not under my thumb. I hated being treated that way as a child.
I have never in my life felt more alive and curious. These past few months have taught me more than I ever expected.

Today we visit an intentional educational community.
I am reading lessons on Permaculture.

The garden is coming along beautifully. The leeks amaze me.

I have had a visitor lately. An unwanted visitor indeed.

A few pics

I love that my kids get so dirty, covered in dirt and popcicle juice and so on
When I first became a parent I worried over every little thing.
Now I know that I must let them play and get good and dirty if they so choose.
I have also learned that dirtier children are healthier children. Their little bodies are better able to fight off illness.

Leeks are growing so very well.

Here is a form of therapy for my son who is in remission from ALL Leukemia.
He has severe anger isues that we are told may be from his medication during treatment, as well as liver and spleen issues. He has recently developed anxiety and worries about the cancer returning.
I'm trying to help him focus and direct that energy somewhere positive.
Thus far he is open to anything and loves a challenge.
My two eldest kiddos have begun therapy. I'm thankful.

If you made is this far I appreciate you. It truly helps me to lay these feelings down and put them into words.
I will be having a giveaway this Friday to celebrate my daughters jr high graduation.
Stay tuned.


  1. Amy, you have such a gorgeous family! Your photos made me smile, I love seeing children outdoors, enjoying nature... I can't believe that woman was saying those things! I know that kids can get hurt playing on trampolines, but that is usually from children not being supervised while they play hmmmm? I'd have to make a comment (in front of that lady) about not saying ugly things about others...

  2. Claudia,
    The package came while I was away. My girlie called my cell and was absolutely thrilled.
    Oh and you are so sweet to include the smelly markers. She has made me smell them about a million and one times, forcing me to guess the scents, really because she is so delighted.
    She adores the quilt. I teased her when I got home and said it must be for me really. I hopped on her bed and tried to cover up with it sending her into a fit of giggles because no way no how was the quilt fitting over mom, hahaha.
    Thank you again. We love ya (((hugs)))
    Soon you will see the bunny hutch too.

  3. Your kids are adorable!! Love that you guys love the outdoors and are able to garden and enjoy nature. I'm allergic to the sun and so is one of my kids or so I think, lol. We break out in hives when we're outside directly in sunlight for more than 30 min. It's horrible. Anyway, your family is precious. I'll keep you all in my prayers. :)

  4. Amy, only best wishes for you and your children as your heal from all the things cancer has damaged during it's foray into your lives.

    You are a good parent, regardless of what anyone else may imply. As we all make our way through this life as gently as possible, may you deafen to the trolls.

  5. Wauw.
    What a story, You are incredible to not have had a nervous breakdown yet. I love the pictures of your children, when they are dirty it usually means they had fun right?
    My thoughts go out to you and your family

  6. Hi Amy - I have just popped in from the designer fabric swappy poo group to have a wander through your blog! I love love love your slice of beautiful woodland and garden - it looks so beautiful and your children suit the muddy, carefree look! It is a look I too am encouraging my two boys to adopt. Gruby is good!