Friday, July 24, 2009

Got some time on your hands

When I can't sleep or if I'm just waiting for someone to get out of the bath......

Leading such a glamorous life you know I always look my best.........YEAH RIGHT!!!

SO I spend some time going through the what if's and coulda shoulda woulda's.

What if I was born with blue eyes....I shoulda had flaming red hair insteada sorta reddish.....I coulda been blessed with porcelain skin, NO freckles and a top lip :)

Oh this is all in fun.
Today was a busy day, yet not.
It was nice and warm with a gentle breeze.
I worked in the garden, harvested some nice beautiful veggies, lounged on my swing and watched the kiddos splash in the pool, talked to the chickens, cuddled the bunny, and so on.....lazy, yet not day.

I deserved it. I was sick sick sick Yesterday. 24 hour bug I'm thinking.
So sick I was laying out in my grass with only the cat to give me sympathy.
You wanna see how glamorous I was....and for all the
friends who have heard my comments about grown women wearing
disney character apparel and lah de blah blah blah....just keep yer trap shut.
They were a Valentine gift. They were. Whatever.

Poor Me lol seriously I was ill YUCK

Always willing to lay around and cuddle

New to us picnic basket chosen by the litte guy

If I had sheets like my girlie girl, perhaps I would feel better

my view of the bunny butt

I was thinking my toes looked pretty at least while I was looking BAD ;)

A common sight under the flowers and shrubs

I threw some ginger in a pot to see if it would grow. I like to grow stuff :)


pink and orange quilt square

My favorite flowers...chocolate cosmos

I think the music may be temporary. I know many people don't care for music on blogs. I adore it. We will see how it goes. It's kinda bugging me already, heheh.
I'll give it a shuffle and see if that bugs me less. Good night friends.


  1. that photo of you and the kitty is precious!:) love it!

  2. Oh I've never seen chocolate cosmos before! I need to find some now. hehe

  3. the chocolate cosmos are truly lovely. and the new music is better than the previous but sometimes i find that the noise makes it difficult to truly appreciate what i'm reading.