Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I've been working on

I've been busy, so very much that I've hardly had a moment to think :)
So here I am to catch up if even just a bit.......

I've been so involved in flickr these last several months.
I do go there often and lose myself in the photography, but I have also gotten to "know" some lovely ladies and to tell you the truth...we've become rather good friends.

Here are my latest projects.

Little red riding hood for an embroidery swap

WIP pillow for the pillow swap on flickr :) It's actually nearly finished, but no pics as of yet ;)

Finally taking photographs lately....busy busy busy.
I've been taking advantage of the natural light streaming through the windows this weekend.

Since my hubby began taking my son to work with him two days a week, I feel as if I have a whole new life.
We lost the house we were trying to purchase. Someone beat us to it, but we have a second favorite and will be keeping our fingers crossed.
I have so many projects to finish before Christmas.

Excited about a little knitting group my friend Katie has invited me to join.
Missing the sunshine, yet enjoying hot tea and snuggling up on the couch with my kiddos, project in hand. Time seems to pass more slowly for me in the fall and winter......

Take Care friends...

PS. For anyone who is as passionate about photography or rather editing (photoshop, lightroom, etc...)as I am.....there are links to some really fabulous actions, textures, etc... over to the left <----------
My hubby has purchased portrait professional for my birthday. WOOHOO.
I really love this program for removing chocolate milk moustaches or dirt from the sweet little mugs of my kiddos, as well as making myself and my girlies look all glam with diffeent color eyes, hair and fun.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Down and out

The flu has hit us hard. I'm trying to clear it out of the house, but it's a vicious cycle.

I'm ill again. There were a handful of days when I wasn't ill and then I was slammed back down.

The kids are all well. Hubby went back to work today.

I've been making soups and stews. Sadly there was a bit of tragedy in our week.
While out in the garden helping mama pull leeks, my little girlie girl stumbled upon one of the little fawns who we've seen eating from the garden and lounging around in our yard. There is a buck, a doe and two fawns. We are thinking that this little one found it's way into the garden and then died of thirst when it couldn't find the way back out. Poor little thing.

It was a sad day indeed.

This afternoon I saw the doe and the other fawn standing out near the garden. They just looked at me and for once I didn't run for my camera.

Things truly are going well. We will get past this illness and look forward to the holiday season and all the creativity it entails.

As I've been in bed I have been finishing my embroidery swap project. At one point disaster struck in the form of my children and some extra super duper buttery popcorn misplaced upon mama's project. Thank goodness I was able to come up with a new idea.
I will be sending along extras to my partner to make up for the lack of creativity.

I'm sorry to have no pictures for you today.
Wow...I should get an award for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzzzzzz.......zzzzzz

On a good note some BIG things are happening for us.


Here are photos of a couple of things I purchased for myself a year or two ago to make myself feel better. I think I need to do some shopping.
What do I need these days?