Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Chicken Lady

You know the lady down the road with all the cats, oh say twenty or so.....well I have her beat.
It's chick time. We started out with seven chicks and now I think we have LOL. I'm telling you I do not know how this happened.
They are just so sweet and precious and we do need them for the eggs.
This is how it started.

4 ameracauna
2 black sex links
2 rhode island red
2 leghorn
2 silver laced wyandotte
1 golden sex link
4 black australop
2 black jersey giant
2 barred plymouth rock
1 amaracauna being chickiesat and one banty the same
23 noisy, fluffy, sweet, hungry, poopy, loving little chicks.

This is our rooster. He sorta looks like a road runner, ya think?
He's tiny, but loyal. His name is Junior and he's an old english red pyle banty.

I had big plans for this weekend. Unfortunately it rained....and rained....and did I mention that it rained?
I am surprised my whole house didn't float away.
This Oregon weather takes some getting used to. Regardless of the rain, we worked outside. I wasn't able to get the garden rototilled or the herb garden planted, but I was able to do a few small things on the list.

Me looking quite the drowned rat, happily working in the rain.

Hubby and the kids accomplished the most.
They cut down a fallen tree and hauled the limbs away and a friend helped hubby to build a new compost enclosure.

New compost area. It's done now, but it was pouring by the end, so no pic today.

I have little to show and nothing exciting to tell you, but I'll get there.
The sun will have to come out of hiding eventually.
As for me I finally kicked the flu and have spent the last day or so
pouring over greenhouse and chicken tractor plans.

I'm learning much from these two lovely ladies

Our seedlings are coming along. The squash is in the lead.
A few seedlings disappeared. My eldest tells me the little guy was picking them early while I was working outside today.

I kept the kiddos in, not wanting to keep this flu bug going.

Hope you have a wonderful week.
I'll be singing in the rain for at least the ten day forecast.

This one thinks he's a puppy. He rolls on his back for tummy rubs and chases you around.

A quick short long story of why I'm where I am.

I spent the last three years dying and living in a place that I didn't love.

There seemed to be nothing but ignorance and stubborness, almost as if we were raised to know nothing and just nod in agreement with those who also knew nothing.

My whole life I have felt that there was something missing.

I didn't have access to whole organic natural foods or the way of life and acceptance that I was longing for. My family and friends didn't support me.

I have five children. My oldest son is in remission from ALL Leukemia, in his sixth year and cured.

Three years was plenty of time for me to lay there in bed and contemplate my future or lack thereof. I couldn't foresee a future at all. Today I get so excited over our future that I feel breathless and giddy. There is so very much that I want to learn and experience. SO much I want to do to help this earth and to return the kindness I have been shown.

I'm getting ahead of myself.
I encouraged my husband to help me make the change of life.

We left a place we have known all our lives, he left an extremely stable high paying job, and we moved to Oregon.
It called to us for far too long and we had to heed the call.

I was still very ill when we moved. We had somewhat given up hope. I think I had seen every specialist known to man at this point and been given the same bad news by all.

I gave up. But then I didn't.

We tried a doctor here and what do you know, they figured it our right away and I'm healing everyday.

SO here we are.
I'm in love with this area, we have access to farms and farmers markets and organic foods and sustainable living in every form.
I have moved my children out of suburbia and I'm slowly making changes so as not to completely pull the rug from under their feet.

We are weaning them off of video games and tv, and all the other fun things that kids do, instead of going outside and living.

TV and video games were sort of drilled into my son when he lived in the hospital, but he is the one more willing and excited than the other kids. Perhaps he really has a desire to live and do so in a way only a child can. ... With everything they have, including the childlike wonder.

We have already had adventures and been exploring on our property and we've found wildlife and insects, reptiles and furry things..... it has truly been a blessing.

I'm not thankful that I was ill for so long, but I'm thankful I came here.

I love my family and I love being alive. I will do everything in my power
to raise my family(and animals) in the most healthy way and with all the love I have to offer.

This is Lucy. She is my favorite. I hold her in my hand and I sing to her.
She always falls asleep.

I need to head off to bed myself. I've been staying up far too late.
It seems I find the most peace and quiet during these hours and I can read blogs for hours, learning, absorbing, but in the morning I feel the lack of sleep.
I can't handle that quite off to bed I go.


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  2. You live in such an amazing place...such a beautiful part of the world! We've been planning a trip to the US for some time now, we want to do a little road trip from Seattle down to San Diego, where I was on an exchange program in Highschool...Tho I just found out we might not get to go this year as my husband need a visa too (he's Australian) and he can only get it in Australia, but I don't know when/if we get the change to go there again anytime soon. I'm so mad, I was really looking forward to going!:)

    For some reason I can't post a comment linked to my WordPess blog, sorry for the mess!
    Suzy (

  3. No worries....mess is what makes my life so colorful.
    I have been enjoying myself too much looking at your quilts and reading your blog.
    I feel we have much in common. (hr addicts)
    My hubby used to work for an international seed company and there were trips all over the world, but we chose a new life in a new place with new opportunity and travel.