Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Fever

We have been so busy lately. It's pretty much spring and we have so much to do.
Plans for a hoop house are becoming a reality.

I hope to have enough to build it in a month or two. This would give the ground a bit of time to dry up.....if the rain ever stops, lol.

I will take pics of the process. It should be rewarding and great fun, as well as useful for growing veggies, of course. ;)

My dear friend claims it has been raining for like "TWO YEARS!!", heheh.
This is outside my back door......wet wet wet...who wants to go out there?
At first I did, but then after working in it...I changed my mind, that was of course after I caught a cold.

It does seem so these days, but we need that rain, so bring it on.

I've been a bit heartbroken that I can't work in the yard and garden as much as I would like, yet I've made up for it with thrifting and knitting.

The most simple things brings me joy.

Oh and the little ones and I have been baking up a storm.
The last few days we have made breads galore.
I think the favorite so far is banana pineapple chocolate chip bread. YUM.

Since I've been spending so much time indoors I have felt the urge to sew.

Later this week I will do a tutorial for a yoga waist knit skirt and maybe a pair of yoga pants as well. I will see if I can sweet talk my hubby into helping me and find a way for you to download my self drafted patterns...

Being frugal has not been as difficult as I feared.

After going through my closet and pulling out many things to donate, I also noticed a few things that I have never worn, but remembered the reason I was first drawn to the particular item.

SO...I took them all down to my sewing room and altered them. Voilà! I have new clothes, woohoo. I must say this is the most impressed my husband has been with my sewing, lol, being the worry wart about money.

It's spring break and my teens are away with the grandparents. It has been much more relaxed around tension and hormones raging in one way or rollercoasters of emotion. It's easy to be young at heart with these little ones. They bring me to life.

P.S. I can't figure out which is smellier(a word?)...teenagers or baby chicks....

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