Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Being Self-Sufficient

Lately I have added many books to my library.
I have either been lucky enough to find them in the thrift shop or I have ordered from Amazon.

This latest book has me in AWE.

John Seymour's Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live it.

It is honestly worth every penny and a trillion times more.
We are trying to slowly transform our life into one of which we can be thankful for.
I'm trying not to pull the rug from beneath anyones feet. Really I've tried to do it slowly.
It began with adding in organic foods on occasion, then weeding out the processed ones......then buying only all natural whole organic foods....changing our soaps, shampoos, make-up, hair products, etc..... raising our own organic garden, herbs, and free range chickens.
Even the fabrics I purchase to make clothing are Eco-friendly.
I admit I'm a fabric junkie. I'd lay down and melt on a bed of hemp, soy, bamboo, linen and hempcel fabrics.

Back to my point....I am so glad to say we are nearly there. Self-Sufficient.
Next fall we will be able to say we grew nearly everything that crosses our plates.
This brings my heart great joy.

I've sort of stumbled through motherhood. As an only child and someone who spent much of her time alone when younger...I knew I wanted a large family, but I've never had all the answers. Never will.
Love and respect..understanding and patience. Kindness and an open mind.
That's what I do know.
Always feeling this hunger to learn. My kiddos have it too. We are so blessed.

Now if I could just get hubby to stop buying corn dogs ;)

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  1. I agree - it is a great book! I cannot manage to do that much from it living in a small terraced house but I do what I can! I just love reading it and daydreaming! One day maybe! We got an allotment a few years ago and a loving the challenge of making it feed us. We are not there yet - it was totally wild and overgrown but I reckon it will provide us with veg for at least half of the year - next year even more I hope!