Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Raining it's Pouring

and hailing, and snowing, and hailing again and then snowing, heheh.
The sun is teasing me, peeking through the clouds, then disappearing....
I am itching to get outside and plant my garden. It's time to dig into the sweet rich earth.
However.....I have the flu...yep. My children are so very generous. They share each and every little virus ;) Yes, sweet little darlings.
For now I sit in my house gazing out the window with anticipation, tea tree oil on my ears and a bowl of steaming eucalyptus water on my lap.
In a little while I will go back to my chair in the corner near the bookshelf and pour over the seed catalogs and my organic gardening magazine. I will lose myself in the stack of books on composting, biodynamic gardening, seed saving, preserving, etc...... as my littlest one sleeps nearby, fighting the flu himself.

Here are some great resources for seeds, tubers, etc...

One of my sweeties, the nuturing one

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