Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finding time to be creative

I've been sewing a bit here and there.
Four of my five sweet little ones have birthdays coming up.
Funny that I only have one baby born in the spring ;)

I began this girlie quilt for my girlie girl.

School starts tomorrow. What ever will I do with myself.
Well...Ive got a plan.
The little man and I are going to begin an adventure.....
I thought perhaps we would explore all the local shops, farms, fishing spots, and go anywhere else our hearts desire.

I refuse to spend another fall and winter sitting out here looking at these trees.
Do not get me wrong. We love our woods, but once you begin talking to the trees it is perhaps time to get out a bit more.

The deer have ruined my winter garden plans. They are so petite that they find their way into my garden again and again.
I picture them scaling the fence and sqeezing though the top wires like some kind of contortionist.

I've been harvesting much from the garden. The tomatoes are finally ripe and I will be canning all sorts of yummy tomatoey goodness soon.
Our home is surrounded by blackberries as well mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
I think I will be trapped in my kitchen with the canner for much of the next two months :) happily so I might add.

the leeks have gone to seed

To find a yoga class for mama and little one would makes my dreams come true.
Sadly there is nothing like that to be found as of yet.

I believe a trip to the ocean is next on my to do list.
A camping trip would be a good thing.
One of these days I'd like to go on an all girls camping weekend.
Pure girlie giggly fun and creativity.

I apologise for all of my previous woes me posts. I've really been struggling, but with the help of a sweet new nurse...I think I can keep my emotions and complaints in check ;p

A recent trip to the thrift and I've a few new treasures. I believe it might have been my favorite trip to date.

I will add pitures in a bit....this must be the busy time for blogger....I usually post at night when the house is sleeping.
This morning was the first day of high school for my first born.
I was up early harassing her with my nikon in her lovely little face :)

Have a beautiful day.

Lovely thrift store find.......whimsical paintings pair LOVE them so much!!!!

Singer 185. Isn't she the sweetest shade of green. Reminds me of mint.


  1. Fantastic thrift finds - That singer is an awesome color!

  2. wow your fall sounds like it will be wonderful. Your work is always so inspiring and your blogs are beautifuly written