Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting to know me

That is precisely what I have been doing as of late.
I'm getting to know likes, dislikes...little quirks(or big ones)*giggle*
Time to myself with no little children tagging along's so very odd, feels a bit off.
The first day was heavenly. Although first thing in the morning I was bouncing off the walls with then led to trepidation and then to the realization that I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself, but toward the end of the day I could breathe and felt confident in the fact that I will have more days alone to do as I please.

I do love my children with all of my heart. Being without them was indeed a new experience and I was uncertain at first, but now I am confident that this time to live my life and have personal time.... is exactly what this mama needs.

Future days to myself will be filled with.............
adventures with Jane Austen, thrifting, sewing for myself, movies, trips to the library, perhaps a foray into town to visit the little vintage shops....knitting, tall glasses of rice milk decaf caramel mochas ;)
I'm not spending all of this time alone, but rather free from my lovely little ones.
Mama time :)
Who knew that time to think and room to breathe was so very crucial for a healthy life. I thought showering and yelling at children through the door at the same time was the norm. *wink wink*

The next step....finding time for my love. Alone time to be a lovey and smoochee.

I'm working on several projects, and might I say I bit off more than I can probably chew :p
First is the handstitched embroidery swap over at flickr as well as the pillow swap.....a few crochet this and that as christmas gifts...a bit of knitting...a cradle with home sewn mattress and linens...some nightgowns with matching dollie I said...more than I should have taken on.

A movie is in our foreseeable future...
The kiddos and hubby are going to see G.I. Joe......(eyeball roll)
Myself I would rather see Bright Star

I do believe I was born in the wrong era. I have felt this since I was a girl.
The dependence on technology worries me, as it grows more so each day and the truth of the damage already done causes me great guilt. I long for a simpler time.....but here I am and here I will remain for the time being.

.... on a high note...I met a new friend...someone more like myself than I would ever have wished for.....she's simply perfect and I adore her already.

Yes, I am finding that I rather like myself.

Myself that I am rather liking(but should perhaps be kicking in the derrière) took the liberty of buying for her special birthday girl (15 in one month)
a teeny tiny white freckled trembly teacup chihuahua :)


  1. So, first off: I love your blog title pic. Very old fashioned and full of character.
    Second, I remember moving back home with my baby girl, and trying desperately to figure out who the heck I was, now that I was a mama, and not just me, but I still needed to be ME. I am sure that we will talk more about that later.
    Third, love Jane Austen. Just picked up "Austenland" in the new book section of the library for a fun brain candy read, and I am also dying to read "Pride Prejudice and Zombies" because it sound like genius.
    Fourth, Bright Star is definitely a must see, so either we need to splurge and take ourselves off to the Bijou to see it, or resign ourselves to wait until it is our in DVD, and then have a little party and watch.
    Fifth, though I too love the simple things, I do love the connections that technology brings, though I believe that the sense of entitlement and immediacy we have grown so used to is extremely damaging. I guess that we each have to do the best we can.
    And last, don't kick yourself. A tiny puppy to care for may be just the companion that your daughter needs. 15 is really hard.
    Whew, you packed a lot into that post.

  2. I am so happy you are having the opportunity to find yourself! You are always in my thoughts :)

  3. I have about 2.5 more years... not that im counting hehe. I LOVE being home with my kids but I do thinking having mama time is so important so we can have more to give to our families.. I love puppies.. now I need to see a picture ;-)