Friday, October 23, 2009

Where I find joy

There have been many days over the last four years when I have been unable to find joy on my own...
Don't get me wrong. I love my family witha all of my heart and soul. Yet for 14 long years I have been mama and a mama at that who answers to everyone but herself.
Finally I was able to look inside myself and was thrilled to discover I'm still in there, lol.

The darkest days when I was so ill....those were the days when I finally told myself I needed to look outside of my own life....look for hope, inspiration, a happiness that would perhaps be contagious.

Would you believe I found it rather I would like to share with you what or rather whom I found.

She is a lovely lady who has been breathing life into me for years now without the knowledge of doing so.
Often there were days when she inspired me to get out of bed or out of the put on a pretty frock or buy some shiny red shoes....yes I think I've quite fallen in love with her...I want to be just like her when I grow up....oh yes....too late for that isn't it...well either way I adore her so very much.
I would like to point you in her direction...perhaps you need her as I once give you back your joie de vivre :)


graygoosie on youtube

She reminds me that I am alive now...I am able to bring pretty things into my life and enjoy things I love.....yes there are rough days for us all, but I have learned to treasure the good days, the great days, the absolutely best days ever :)
Yes indeed..those days are what I live for.

I share her love of thrifting and bright loveliness.
This morning I told my hubby, "I look forward to the days when it is just you and I...when the kids have families of their own and we are able to do as we please."
DO you know what he said? "What for? Then you would have only me to tell what to do and yell at"......hahahahahahahaha, lol. Am I such a shrew then? Perhaps I am.
Is that not proof I need more me time? Yes, a new goal of mine. Me time.

I'm still here in bed. Sleep eludes me as I listen to the symphony of coughing coming from the childrens' rooms. We will get better soon. If nothing else it has been a good week of love and togetherness.

Later today I will post some of my favorite links.



  1. Maddie said that Josie was back at school today. I hope that you are all feeling better bit by bit! Soon we will be able to get out and play! I think that good ol' Jack would approve, don't you?

  2. this is coming from someone whose kids are grown and gone. I used to be like you. I yearned for the day when it would be just Hubby and I. Now I yearn for the sound of the screen door slamming and someone yelling, "Hey Mom..." But they are living on their own now...I don't hear that much at all and I would love to hear it all over again. *s*

    I loved the post though. Graygoosie has some wonderful pictres.

    I think we all need a place to be by ourselves though.