Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden Planning

It's a beautiful day. The kiddos and hubby let me sleep in.
And.........................hubby made breakfast. Oh I think I'm in heaven, lol.

Today I will sit down with all my lists and plan out this garden.
I'm going to be trying some companion gardening so it's going to be work this first time.
Next year it will be easy. I hope. ;)

I'll try to put up pics of my finished plan tonight.
I am so excited to get these plants out of my sewing room.
I have some picnic quilts to make.
We discovered laying out on the grass is not such a great idea.
*scratch scratch*

I also discovered there is a whole colony(heh-heh) of sticker weeds out there, hiding in the tall grass just waiting for my bare foot to come near. ouch!!

ETA.........I mowed the lawn. I must say that's a useful way to shut the brain off.
The chickens were chasing me around the property.
I got absolutely no planning done. :)

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