Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello Sunshine

He was determined.

The days have been warmer and I have been working outside as long as there is light.
Our garden is marked off and ready for the organic soil/compost we have coming today.
Trees have been trimmed, the sunshine is filtering through and the grass is reaching up ever so sweetly and slowly........the moss has taken over the yard, but I there is hope.

I will share pictures today as I have a million and twenty two things to do.

I will say that I splurged and purhcased Weekend Sewing and Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day.........as soon as I pulled them from the box I was in love.....I'm not kidding you.......

Oops I need to run......promise I'll be back tonight to put the pics up....

Oh did I ever tell a lie, sheesh.......I have been swamped.
I am buried in chicks and seedlings... ;)

It's suntea season....WOOHOO

Iced mint green tea (apple mint, yum)

He likes it. :) and he deserves it as he's been working hard on the property.

New books.......I saved up for these two......it was excruciating, but I am learning to be frugal.
I'm doing a good job too.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in... your pics are both breathtaking and refreshing. Your kids are gorgeous too. I love that bread book. Yum it makes me hungry thinking about it...

  2. Oh thank you. We love it very much. It's almost as if we've taken a breath and the air is all new....as if this is a second chance at life.
    We are constantly in awe.

    I never dreamt a place would be so much more than just that, a place, but oh is it ever so much more.
    This is heaven to us. Opportunity is all around us here, as well as kindness and those willing to share knowledge and experience.