Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planting the Gardens

We are only a few steps away from planting.
The compost/manure/ mixed in with the top layer of soil.
The center path is dug out and looking beautiful.
The kids and I made a game of everything today.
We dug the middle row from the garden, but before we could do that evenly we tied it off with string, making two race lanes :)
That was fun.
Then we made a path all around the garden about a foot or foot and a half from the fence.
The imaginary fence I mean, lol so we can get around the rows once they are growing.
About the fence....
We haven't gotten quite that far. Takes cash we don't quite have yet.
We know it's a must. The deer make themselves far too comfy in our backyard as well as the cats, the chickens, raccoons, and other............varmints :)
Kiddos and I have decided to sew up a scarecrow.
That's the easy part.

The companion gardening is what has me frustrated.
Almost enough to just toss it all out and plant where they land. Oh I wish I weren't such a perfectionist. My uncle use to tell me I was a tad neurotic.....I know he was sugar coating it.
It's how I was raised. If I didn't do it right the first stepdad made me do it twenty more just for the fun of it.
These days I'm thankful. I hated that man back then. Maybe still do, yet he taught me endurance, perseverance, and patience. He wasn't patient. I learned to be.
Whoa I just got a flashback memory of painting the shed.....and painting it again the right way..

Today my garden space increased a bit.
It is 80'x50' . Was 70'x50, but we cut down a tree that was growing sideways.
The earth there was so rich and beautiful. The pine needles did a glorious job of creating some truly amazing soil. I'm going to plant strawberries in that spot. I'm allergic to them, but what a treat for the kiddos.
Maybe I'll mock up a drawing really quick and scan it in.

Our house sits facing East. Maybe it faces West. Honestly I'm not sure which one is supposed to be the front door.
What we call our backyard is on the North side of the house. This where our deck and lounge/activity area is.
The garden is on the North side of the house as well, but it is back in the clearing and is the only large area with no trees overhead.
It faces South. There is a gently slope toward the house and this will make for good drainage.
It will have a nice wind blowing across for good ventilation as the plants grow. I've made the rows going north to south.
I wasn't sure if this was logical, but I was sure hoping. Makes perfect sense to me.
This way everything gets full sun down the row and nothing is shaded.

Right next to the veggie garden is the herb garden. I thought it would be fun to do something more whimsical with this. I dug it in a medallion shape or a circle, with an open end.
It is 28 feet across at it's widest. In the middle is 14 feet of grass. I'm going to put a bistro table and chairs there or maybe put stone in and throw some pillows out there.
I considered a fire pit, but we chose another spot for that.
I can imagine the herbs and flowers in full bloom with me laying in the middle with all the scents mingling in the air as I have the privacy of the living wall. Oh yes I can just imagine that.
Maybe I should have made a full circle so I could hide there from the kids, lol.

My children really are quite wonderful. But this mama needs a break. Just a little one.
Hubby worked for seven days in a row and I'm shocked that I still have my hair.
He may only give me a ten to twenty minute break from the kids now and then, but boy I sure notice when I don't get it. It only takes five minutes of closing my eyes and breathing for a moment to regain my balance and clear my mind of stress. Not all the stress goes away, but I do feel refreshed.

Everyone helped today. Hauling and digging. Working. I hope that the children will understand that their hard work is appreciated and that it will pay off in the end as they see and eat the fruits of their labor.

Here is my list of what's going in the veggie garden. I'm too lazy to alphabetize it for ya.
Please forgive me.
tomatoes many varieties
cucumber many varieties includin my fave lemon.
squash varieties
melons oh so many including moon and stars mmmmmmmm
greens lettuce, spinach, etc...........
peppers varieties including chocolate YUM
raspberry bushes outside the garden
blueberry bushes outside the garden

Some are cool weather crops that won't go in until fall or late summer and I might have forgotten some for now. I've been digging the day away and am not thinking very clearly. In a good way.

We also have several fruit trees, yet we do not know their age or their overall condition.
We will have to wait and see how they perform.

In the herb garden (several of these will also go in the garden between veggies)
mints (contained deeply underground)
fennel (isolated)
basil mmmmmmmmmmmm
cumin-nigella sativa
mullein (still not sure on this one) I use to take a mullein tincture
sweet annie(ambrosia)
mexican tarragon

I might add more as I find things I like. I'm hoping to make the farmers market this next weekend.

I would like a green tea plant, but I think I'd need several to make a go of it.
At $25 a plant, I'm not thinking that's frugal when I can buy tea at the natural market for pennies yet at the same time I do want to be self sufficient so we'll see.

I'm going to save here while I try and whip up something to scan.
I will also add what makes good companions and what to keep far apart.


  1. barefoot mama, you have a nice blog. regarding your comment at the pile, i consulted my resident expert in these matters and tabitha suggests edamame easy to grow and the kids love it. freezer space needed though.

  2. Karl, Thank you. We have a large chest freezer.