Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Pandemics and Homeschooling

I find this particularly interesting this morning. I was especially moved by the replies.

"These are the bits and pieces I agree with...
We may not be able to save the world but we can make educated choices. About what we eat and where it comes from. What we do, and how we build a sustainable lifestyle that our children can emulate and improve upon. Be the people we want our children to become. "

"In order to not mentally make myself sick,I learned to pick my battles to worry about and mainly I learned that I can not save the whole world and that some things I just am not able to do anything about."

I'm not going to panic. Just going to keep it calm and keep on moving forward.
I'll panic about the little things :)

On another note, I really don't care for public schools. This is putting it lightly.
My teenage daughter has literally begged me to take her out of school.
and iI'd love to have the little ones home with me as well.
We might also get a whole lot less of whatever is going around. It's a vicious cycle with five children.
My little guy stays home with me. He has an anaphylactic reaction to nuts and we carry epipens with us everywhere. I do not trust the school to keep him safe. Not for one second.

I think I will focus on learning my options. Unschooling is what I lean toward, but I need to do my research. If I don't go that direction...there is a montessori school twenty minutes away.

Here I'm sharing some pics from our last garden before we moved from Idaho. This was shared with the sweet older couple living next door. They were a wealth of informaion. I miss them.
See the Borage.......

broccoli, cauliflower, berries, squash

beans cukes, peas, strawberries
The little guy helps
As for the infestation of us. I am considering cutting all of my hair off. All.
I was concerned about how I would look and how my hubby would respond to it..
I expressed my concern to my hubby and he said let me tell you a secret....then he whispered
"I like you naked". Hahahahahahahahaha.
Ok, I get it. Get over it and stop stressing. It's just hair.


  1. I often thought that if my kids had to go to a city school, I would home school them for their own safety. But we do live in the rural area and Our school is not too bad. It is a very small high school and the kids all know each other. I would home school my kids til they were in 3rd or 4th grade cause they would not want me homeschooling them in high school. I know that. *s* Both my girls loved going to high school. I asked mine if they would like to be home schooled once and my youngest said Homeschooling is the only good reason for matricide.

    I think that kids do have to be let out into the outside world or they go crazy when they are finally cut loose by their parents. I an see why you are so careful with your youngest.

  2. I don't know if your lad is allergic to anything else, but if yes have a look at this site - it is full of the most fantastic recipes that are gluten, nut and dairy free. My best friends boy is allergic to all those things and carries an epipen.
    The food is really yummy!
    My best friends boy is allergic to all those things and carries an epipen