Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Madness.....that's what it's been like around here.

Sometimes I find no words that make sense...no matter how I try, lol....it's this theory I have about childbirth and brain cells...but it's my story, heheh.

My seedlings are reaching, reaching, reaching their little necks out for some sunshine, only it's not to be found. Gray skies....that's all we've had.

Veggie seedlings

This morning my little man woke me up and said "mama it snowed", sure enough.....outside was a blanket of white. Crazy Oregon weather.

Thought I would again share some pics of recent goings on.

Got the chance to sew up a pair of gardening gloves from Weekend Sewing, did I already mention that? It's so not easy to photograph ones own hand with only 50mm or 85 mm lenses ;)

Once I had a fabric stash the nearly size of Canada(no joke), but slowly it's been shrinking...it's hard to see some of it go, yet we really needed to put the money toward immediate needs.

not much left in the way of hard to finds and what I do have...is for me.

This is probably not even an 1\8 of my stash
These are my knits. Some of them, lol.
You can't see the lower shelves of all eco fabrics, my hemp jerseys etc........ love love love those.....you can find them here.

I was very selfish and frivolous.....not there anymore... I've had this stash for a few years...

Favorite Vw's....love VW's and someday I'm going to have a real one, not barbie sized :)

short sleeve camp shirts

My reliable workhorse....rocketeer

My baby..featherweight

I'm looking forward to some princess and the pea fabric soon to make the girls some nightgowns.
Heather Ross's far far away line.
I haven't been buying fabric......sort of learned my lesson and am far too frugal these days to pay much for fabric unless it's for a special occasion or something much needed.
Too often I would buy and hoard all the popular fabrics and I wouldn't even sew them up.
Too afraid to cut into them.
I have more of a thing for vintage fabrics and even sheets...I cut those up with great joy.
We were able to rototill the garden spot a bit this past weekend before it starting pouring.
That's the plan for the coming week. Rototill and get the raised beds made.

I've made several tomato cages out of fencing I found out in the woods.
I also made some cute ladder type trellises out of limbs that were cut from the trees.
:) need to take pics of those.

Here are a few random pics.

mama made blueberry banana rice milk smoothies.....

These are little mushroom planters made of terracotta.

Newest member of our family.

Fresh eggs every morning.......

Bad kitty (Don't worry, this doesn't happen anymore)

Likes to be the squirter, not the squirtee

You ever see that cartoon with the two bunnies...the "what?" one, lmao........

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  1. hello gloves!

    i hear you about the fabric...i would get some and then just HANG ON TO IT, afraid to cut into it...ridiculous. now i only buy something if i need it for a project (tho i did get a little bit of the far, far away prints- but they're so expensive it's hard to go wild.) i don't, however, have a problem with recycling old fabrics, it's a joy to cut into them and it's really great to see something old get a new purpose!:)