Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stopping to smell the roses

My girlie went to a sleepover and we went to pick her up this morning.
The drive was lovely as it always is where ever we seem to go......breathtaking.
I have seen the V of birdies since I was a girl, but I was speechless.
The kids and I were so excited to look up and see for miles and miles nothing but flocks of geese.
It was magical.
I did not have my camera......shocking because I take it everywhere, but this was just a quick trip then back home to work.

I found this picture online so you could somewhat imagine what we saw.

There are more here

I know it's just an everyday thing to many, but since moving here I have found the beauty of everyday life. I'm trying to have the same wonderment the kids have....oh it has been awesome.

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